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Jennifer S. Huber

Research Scientist / Physicist
William Moses Lab
Department of Radiotracer Development & Imaging Technology
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Our research group develops advanced instrumentation for radiation detection. Our work focuses on the development of novel detectors for imaging positron-emitting or single-photon emitting tracers, which have both medical imaging and biofuel applications. I have been working in the field of nuclear imaging instrumentation for 15 years, including the development of (1) novel photodetectors for measuring scintillation light, (2) custom integrated circuits and electronics for reading out radiation sensors, and (3) new detector designs and scanner geometries, including specialized PET scanners optimized for breast or prostate cancer imaging. Since 1999, prostate cancer imaging has been a primary focus of my research. I have successfully led the development of a custom PET scanner optimized for prostate imaging and the development of dual-modality prostate imaging with PET and transrectal ultrasound imaging, in collaboration with the UCSF Radiation Oncology Department. I have also developed custom TRUS-CT-PET-MRI phantoms that can be used to quantitatively evaluate multimodality registration accuracy.

Research Projects

Contact Information:  (email)
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Jennifer S. Huber
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, MS55R0121
Berkeley, CA  94720

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