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DISTANCE: 3 km (1.86 mi) 



2018 Runaround Flyer


2018 Results


2017 Volunteers


2017 Photo Gallery


2016 Photo Gallery


2014 Photo Gallery (Roberto Melgoza-Zermeno, photographer)


2012 Photo Gallery (produced by the LBL Photography Club)


Runners and walkers welcome!
(Sorry, no skateboards or unicycles)

Free T-shirts to all volunteers and finishers
To volunteer, please email Anytra Henderson

     or Christina Debernardi

Pre-registration is not necessary- just show up at the Firehouse.

When you cross the finish line, you will be handed a finisher card.
Move away from the end of the finish chute- do not block it
Fill out the card (pencils provided) and hand it in for a T-shirt.
Then enjoy the refreshments and entertainment.

Note: Only current and retired LBNL employees and participating affiliates (i.e. those with LBNL badges) are eligible for T-shirts, awards, and prizes.

Sponsored by the LBNL Laboratory Directorate

There is also an informal bike-around- start at the Firehouse at 11:30


2012 Committee


(L to R from top row):  Brian Strock, JoAnne Lambert, Anytra Henderson, Wanda Haskett, Soledad Espinoza, Bill Milligan, Brigitte Roberts, Susan Hedley, Qiyu Peng, Lorraine Dowling, Bob Smith, Helen Jefferson, Steve Derenzo, Chris Debernardi, and Loida Bartolome-Mingao (coordinator)




Committee Instructions:

Finishing area tables and barriers
Finishing area music
Starting area sound
Finisher Card Distribution
Water Table
Pencil Table
T-shirt Distribution
Results Tabulation 


Note: The runaround needs one or two volunteers skilled in excel, word, and webmastering to help prepare and post the runaround results.


2018 Results     2018 T-shirt (Design Dana Goodacre)


2017 Results     2017 T-shirt (Design Rebecca Hartman-Baker)


2016 Results     2016 T-shirt (Design Rhyan Blaine Dockter)


2015 Results     2015 T-shirt (Design Kelsey Bridget Hatzell)


2014 Results     2014 T-shirt (Design Justin Ishida)


2013 Results     2013 T-shirt (Design Chengyu Song)


2012 Results     2012 T-shirt (Design: Sandy Miarecki)


2011 Results     2011 T-shirt (Design: Loida Bartolome-Mingao)


2010 Results     2010 T-shirt (Design: Steve Blair)


2009 Results     2009 T-shirt (Design: Serafin Colmenares)


2008 Results     2008 T-shirt (Design: Linda Matyas)


2007 Results     2007 T-shirt (Design: Parag Vaishampayan)


2006 Results     2006 T-shirt (Design: Cait Youngquist)


2005 Results     2005 T-shirt


2004 Results     2004 T-shirt (Design: Shannon Magee)


2003 Results     2003 T-shirt (Design: Leitha L. Thrall)


2002 Results     2002 T-shirt (Design: Melanie Woods)


2001 Results     2001 T-shirt (Design: Steve Blair)


2000 Results     2000 T-shirt (Design: Marilee Bailey)


1999 Results     1999 T-shirt (Design: Flavio Robles)


1998 Results     1998 T-shirt (Design: Marilee Bailey)


1997 Results     1997 T-shirt (Design: Marilee Bailey)


1996 Results     1996 T-shirt (Design: Crystal Stevenson)


1995 Results     1995 T-shirt (Design: Niza Hanany)


1994 Results     1994 T-shirt (Design: Crystal Stevenson)


1993 Results     1993 T-shirt (Design: Crystal Stevenson)


1992 Results     1992 T-shirt (Design: Crystal Stevenson)


1991 Results     1991 T-shirt (Design: Crystal Stevenson)


1990 Results     1990 T-shirt (Design: Crystal Stevenson)


1989 Results     1989 T-shirt (Design: Liliana Jach)


1988 Results     1988 T-shirt (Design: Bill Bero)


1987 Results     1987 T-shirt (Design: Bill Bero)


1986 Results     1986 T-shirt (Design: Bill Bero)


1985 Results     1985 T-shirt (Design: Bill Bero)


1984 Results     1984 T-shirt (Design: John Flambard)


1983 Results     1983 T-shirt (Design: John Flambard)


1982 Results     1982 T-shirt (Design: John Flambard)


1981 Results     1981 T-shirt


1980 Results     1980 T-shirt


                 1979 T-shirt (Design: George Kapus)


                 1978 T-shirt (Design: George Kapus)


Thanks to John L. Magee for providing (in new condition) many of the older T-shirts shown here